Saturday, 30 June 2012

On Being Short

I've seen a few bloggers post about loving your body and being happy in your own skin recently - this is a story I tell people who complain about being too short:

During the Second World War, my grandfather William Morris Owen was a desert rat stationed in North Africa. Granddad Bill stood 5'7" in his stockinged feet and hated being so short, I think he got teased for it quite a bit too. Whilst fighting out in North Africa one day, granddad was in a Jeep with four of his fellow soldiers and friends, who were all taller than he was. The jeep came under fire and my granddad's four friends were all shot in the head and killed instantly. The bullet meant for my granddad only skimmed his scalp because he was so short - had he been another inch or so taller he would surely have been dead and would never have met my Nana Alice and had my dad and I wouldn't be here either. My granddad had four months of convalescence and then went straight back to the fighting. He never complained about being short again - it had saved his life.

He never spoke about this incident, or the War at all - I only know this story from my dad, who told me it when I was quite young, I think after I was moaning about being short. After I heard the story, I never moaned about being short again either and if any one made fun of me for it I told them the story and so far no-one's had a comeback for it.

Now I now this is an extreme example, but it made me think of my body in a completely different way and made me proud to be short and honoured to have come from such brave, short stock.

It definitely put things in perspective for me - I might not have the most perfect body or be the fairest of them all, but so what? - chances are it isn't a matter of life or death like it was for granddad Bill, so there are probably more important things to worry about.

Granddad Bill came home from the war, married my Nana Alice, had four children and had a long and happy life, passing away in May 2005, (from 'flu of all things). He is very much missed, as are all my grandparents.

Nikki x

Thursday, 28 June 2012

T.G.I. Payday and a New Dress!

It's payday (hurrah!) so of course I had to go shopping after work. I only got one thing though - a pretty new dress.

Pretty Floral Dress - £16 from Raiders Vintage

I'm sure I saw this at the Vintage Fair at St George's Hall, but I didn't try it on then. It's a 1970s dress in a 1950s style with a full skirt and I love the sweet little floral pattern. I do love a matching fabric belt too, but they usually end up being worn as hairbands instead.

Close-up of dress

They (as always) had some other lovely stuff, but it was either too small (I very nearly got stuck) or too big (even with a belt) - oh the drawbacks of shopping vintage! There are a few amazing dresses that if money was no object I'd snap up, but at the moment I can't justify that amount for a posh frock (or 5) that I wouldn't get much wear out of. They're not at all overpriced by the way, just beyond my means for now.

Anyway, I'll be wearing my new dress to work if the weather's not miserable. I think it's 1950s enough in style for me to get away with.

Nikki x

P.S. The Mister is back from working in London tomorrow - he's only back for one week and he's working nearly all of it (including possibly weekends and evenings), so if it suddenly goes quiet around here you'll know why.

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Another Tiny Tuesday Treasure Hunt

Today was supposed to be a day of "getting stuff done" but it hasn't really turned out like that. I eventually dragged myself out of bed and went to the supermarket to get some food in, when I bumped into A's mum, who was there shopping with his nan. We then met up with his dad and went for a pub lunch together, which was lovely. After they dropped me back home, I realised A had overdue Library books, so I took those back and on the way home stopped at the three closest charity shops to our home.

I got another of these Gervase Fenn books - I don't know why the charity shop didn't put them all out at once! I've not read any yet but they sound right up my street. They're currently residing on our crime shelf (yes we have enough books to organise them by category!).

And I got this book because of it's mad cover:

The Saliva Tree and Other Strange Growths by Brain W. Aldiss
Doesn't it look odd? Unsurprisingly it's from the 1960s, it looks like a gig poster for a psychedelic band.
Mills and Boon Books - L-R: Sunflower Summer by Sue Peters, Who Rides the Tiger by Anne Mather and Sunset Country by Dorothy Cork

I couldn't resist the kitschy covers of these late 1970s Mills and Boon books - I think I'd quite like to get a whole bunch and make some sort of decorative wall feature out of them.

I also picked up these vintage children's books:

Coral Island by R. M. Ballantyne and Lorna Doone by R. D. Blackmore

Coral Island I got because I liked the cover and the little two-colour illustrations at the start of each chapter. I think it's from the 1960s or 70s.

Lorna Doone - I always pick up Bancroft Classics editions when I find them - I like their lurid covers and I've got quite a few now. This one is from 1974.

Birds of Northern Britain and Northern Europe - Vintage Ladybird Book

Birds of Northern Britain and Europe - of course I had to pick up this late 1970s Ladybird. I hardly ever leave vintage Ladybirds behind, I can't help it. Even if they're in poor condition, I buy them and think I'll do something with the illustrations - I just haven't worked out what yet. I keep meaning to frame some of them up but I can never find nice enough vintage frames.

Tetris Boardgame

I got this Tetris game too on a hunch/whim. I might play it with A if I ever decide to overturn the Boardgame Ban I placed on him at least 5 years ago. I had to do it - he's such a terrible winner!  I'm not a sore loser in any way, but if he wins he just goes on about it for ages and drives you mad, so in the end I refused to play any board/card games with him.  His sister says he's a bad loser too and apparently he has been known to eat Monopoly money in a fit of rage in his younger days. I do like boardgames though and they're cheap entertainment. I bought a Yahtzee set a few weeks ago, cos I know he loves Yahtzee, but we haven't played yet. We'll have to see....

Nikki x

Buried for Pleasure by Edmund Crispin

Saturday, 23 June 2012

Cruelty Free Beauty

At the moment, I'm trying to make the effort to wear more make-up. I don't often bother as I'd rather have the extra time in bed and I've struggled to find makeup that matches my pale skin, but I want to change that. I don't want to wear tons of makeup - just to have a good base and some 1950s eyes really, with a slick of lippy. Anyway, I've realised that although I've always been against animal testing, I tend to buy makeup on impulse, without really researching into brands to check which ones are ok. So I thought it was about time I did my research before I buy anything else. 

I found this quite difficult as many lists of cruelty-free brands conflict and contradict each other and some cruelty-free lists are not updated regularly to reflect changes in company policies or ingredients.  Another thing to take note of is that cruelty-free company may be owned by a non cruelty-free company (the Body Shop being owned by L'Oreal is one example), which means your money will still be going to a company who tests on animals.  Also, some brands that were cruelty-free have now decided to sell in China, which requires importers to test their products on animals. It can all get very frustrating and confusing.
I decided to go through the makeup I have to get rid of what I don't use and to see what I have that is cruelty-free. Looking at what I already own, there are quite a few brands that I won't be buying again - my Rimmel mascara and lipsticks will not be replaced, nor the Benefit and Bourjois eyeliners, nor the Miss Sporty nail Varnishes (as they are owned by Coty).

I have a fair amount of Sleek and Me Me Me eyeshadows, which luckily are fine for me to keep as both companies are cruelty-free, as are my Barry M products.

Also, I'm going to have to find makeup brushes that I know don't use animal hair. I don't use too many makeup brushes anyway, so I'll just buy a few new synthetic ones at some point and get rid of my old ones. This might seem a bit wasteful, but most of them are years old anyway and I could do with a clearout.

I'm going to keep a list of cruelty-free brands on me for when I do go makeup shopping, to make it easier. It'll be a fairly short list as I'll only be including ones I can afford :)

Here are a couple of websites I found useful in my research:
Cruelty Free Face - Great blog and a comprehensive Cruelty-Free List here
My Beauty Bunny - another fab blog, their Cruelty-Free list is here

Nikki x

Thursday, 21 June 2012

An Outing for my New Dress

Remember the lovely dress I said I wasn't sure I'd have much occasion to wear?

Well, tonight I had the perfect excuse to give it a debut - the Private View of Turner Monet Twombly: Later Paintings at Tate Liverpool. The painterly print of the dress looks quite Monet-ish in style so I thought I'd blend in quite well with the pictures.
I was a bit over-dressed perhaps, but I've never had so many compliments in my life! It was lovely - so many people  noted the similarity to the Monets and said what a great dress it was and how it fits me so well - I was beaming :).
I got ready in work and somehow actually managed to get my hair and make-up right first time (usually this takes ages, with lots of re-drawing of eyeliner), so I was really pleased.
However, I can't show you an outfit picture because we didn't have a camera (no photos allowed in the exhibition, so no point taking one) and I couldn't take one by myself when I got back home - rubbish!
Here's a detail from the dress:
1950s Dress, from Lili Bizarre
And here's a detail from The Water-Lily Pond:
The Water-Lily Pond by Claude Monet - Photo: Albertina, Vienna (via the Guardian website)
Not a million miles away, I think you'll agree. I'll have to recreate the outfit and post some photographs!
The exhibition, by the way was beautiful and I thoroughly recommend a visit - but for the love of god book first as it's likely to be busy.

Update: Managed to take a shot myself with the self-timer (looking snotty for some reason).

Dress - Lili Bizarre
Petticoat - from 686dianel on eBay
Worn with purple tights and black shoes which I've had for years

Nikki x

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Tiny Tuesday Treasure Hunt

Just a quick post to show you what I got today. I only went on a couple of charity shops today as I had lots of errands to run

I just got these 4 books to sell on:

Lone Pine Five by Malcolm Saville

I just liked the cover and was intrigued by the blurb on this one.

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain

This 'Clear Print' edition of The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. Unusual to find a larger print children's book and again I liked the cover.

The How and Why Wonder Book of Magnets and Magnetism
The How and Why Wonder Book of Magnets and Magnetism (bit of a mouthful that) - I think I've mentioned how much I love vintage educational books and this has some fantastic illustrations.

Masters of the Universe Annual 1988
Masters of the Universe Annual 1988 - I always pick up items from 1980s cartoons because I remember them from my childhood and I know that people my age collect them out of nostalgia. He-Man books seem to be following me around a bit at the moment.
Nikki x

Monday, 18 June 2012

Another Auction Jaunt

Today I went to another auction viewing - this time at a different auction house. I'd seen that they had a couple of lots of vintage children's books in their sale tomorrow, so I thought I'd go and have a look. The lot I particularly wanted had been with drawn and I didn't love any of the other lots enough to place bids - although I was tempted by some kitschy and risque 1960s film posters, but they weren't in the best condition so I thought I'd save my money.

I'm glad I did because I popped into the charity shops whilst I was there and got these lovely things:

Two Carlton Walking Ware Teapots

I do love Walking Ware and I've got a few pieces already. I'd made a note recently in my Blog notebook to do a post on it as it's so cool, but surprisingly it isn't something that tends to crop up at vintage fairs and I've never seen any vintage bloggers mention it. So I'll write a post about it at some point.

So sweet!

These two aren't in the best of condition - they're a bit crazed and both have had their handles broken and repaired, but the ladies in the shop said they'd been there for ages so I couldn't leave them behind. Plus I didn't already have a teapot and who could resist those cute shoes?

Blazer - £5
I do love a bit of herringbone
I also got this blazer which I think looks a bit 1940s but is certainly modern. It fits really well, but I'm not sure what I'll actually wear it with - I definitely need a brown skirt to go with it.

Disney's Aristocats Record

"Thomas O'Malley, O'Malley the Alley Cat..."
I also got this Disney Aristocats record - I love that film! It's one record - these are both sides of the sleeve. Unfortunately we don't have a record player at the moment, which is something we'll have to rectify.

Here we go round the Mulberry Bush Ladybird Book and The Magic Bus book
These two are to sell on - the Ladybird has a gloss cover so is probably from the 1980s and it's not a title I've seen before and I think the Magic Bus has a bit of a cult following, so I picked that up too.
The Mill on the Floss and Adam Bede by George Eliot
I love these editions - I have a matching copy of The Old Curiosity Shop too. I bought these to sell, but as I've not read much Eliot (just Silas Marner when I was at school) I might give these a read first. I think A's mum has recommended the Mill on the Floss to me before, so I'll start with that.

Vintage Dressing Gown

Pattern detail
The dressing gown I'm going to hang onto to see if A wants it - if not, I'll sell it.

After struggling home with my haul on the train then on the bus, I went home and fell asleep watching TV on the couch - an early night for me tonight I think :)

Nikki x

Sunday, 17 June 2012

A Treasure from my Collection: My Nana's Brooch

I was hoping to nip to the Car Boot today before work but it was raining torrentially this morning so it was cancelled. I really need to make an effort to find an Indoor Car Boot for occasions like these.

Anyway, I thought I'd share another of my treasures with you. This is my Nana Ursula's brooch, that I mentioned in this post.

My Nana's Brooch worn on my coat

I love it and I do get quite a few compliments when I wear it, mostly because it is unusual. I think photo brooches are quite hard to find - I've certainly never come accross one where the owner chose to put a photo of their dog rather than their sweetheart! That probably tells you quite a bit about my Nan. I don't really know much about the brooch itself to be honest -I found it when we were going through my Nana's things after she died and I had to keep it. I knew it was my Nana's dog, who my mum told me was called Peggy. My Nan had talked about having had cats, but she'd never mentioned having a dog.

As I mentioned in that post, a stallholder at Stockport's Vintage Village told me it was probably Edwardian, so it must have been old when my Nana had it (she was only born in 1928). I hadn't realised it was that old, I had just assumed it was the same age as the photograph. I think the brooch is made of brass plated with something and it does look well-made. I've just had a quick look on eBay and there are some very similar ones that are Rose Gold apparently and they're either Victorian or Edwardian.

Back of Brooch
Here's the back of the brooch for those of you who are interested. It's pretty scruffy so you can see why I thought it wasn't an expensive brooch. Obviously this is a bit of a botched job, but it keeps the photo secure.
I'm going to keep an eye out for more brooches like this - they'd make a lovely wall feature I think. I'm also on the lookout for the perfect vintage locket or perhaps a brooch to put a photo of our first cat Penelope in as well.

Nikki x

P.S. Talking of photographs, I don't think I won any of my Auction Lots as the Auction House hasn't been in touch. Oh well, nevermind.

Friday, 15 June 2012

More Pictures for the Salon de Shite

I nipped out on my lunch break today and decided to pop into the Jumble People vintage shop on Pilgrim Street in Liverpool. They're having a clearout and most stuff is £5, so definitely have a look in if you've got the chance. I didn't get anything clothes-wise, but on my way out I spotted these beauties and at a bargainous £1 each they just had to come home with me.

Puppy and Kittens and Flowers oh my!
Triple Wolf!

I sent phone pictures to the Mister and he was impressed - even more so when he realised they were holographic prints. Three hologram pictures in one week, how lucky is that? We've got a whole stack of pictures waiting to go up in the Salon de Shite now - it's having a growth spurt.

Nikki x

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Tuesday Treasure Hunting

Another Tuesday off and I knew I wanted to do some Treasure Hunting, but inspired by this article I came across, I thought I’d do a couple of charity shops I’d not been to in ages. Plus, I’ve still not been able to get hold of any vegan washing up liquid, so I thought I’d pay a visit to Windmill on Aigburth Road and do the two charity shops there.

First I went to the Livsa Charity Shop on Smithdown Road, and got a mini haul:

1970s Egg Cosies
These egg cosies are so cute, but with the Mister being vegan and me not liking boiled eggs, I'm going to find them a new home where they'll be appreciated :).

Come Hither, Nurse by Jane Grant
I couldn't resist the cover illustration on this book and picked it up to sell, but I think I'll give it a read first as it sounds quite interesting. It's about a trainee nurse's experiences so I'm guessing it will be similar to Call the Midwife (which I've still yet to read but I have seen the TV series).

I also got all these books:

Little Old Mrs Pepperpot by Alf Proysen
 I love the illustrations on older Puffin books, I think I've got more Mrs Pepperpot books somewhere too.

Another Night Before Christmas by Carol Ann Duffy and Illustrated by Rob Ryan
 I do love Rob Ryan's work, so this is to keep and I know he collects Vintage Ladybirds  because Design*Sponge did a Sneak Peek of his studio in 2009.

Cats by Christine Metcalf
I bought this book for the illustrations - they're quite odd. Here's an example:

Cat and Mouse Illustration
Slightly terrifying aren't they? Some of them are a bit kitschy too.

Ghostbusters II Ladybird Book

Lego Pirates: Captain Roger's Birthday Ladybird Book

Lego Pirates: Will and the Gold Chase Ladybird Book
He-Man: The Iron Master Ladybird Book

He-Man: A Trap for He-Man Ladybird Book

Pope John Paul II Ladybird Book
These Ladybird Books all date from the 1980s and are to sell. I'm seeing quite a lot of He-Man stuff recently and the Lego Pirates books have cropped up in a few different shops too. A loves Lego and the Pirates were his favourite. I'm reminded of the morals at the end of He-Man and She-Ra cartoons - I'll have to post a video of one I saw as an adult that surprised me.

The Trotter Way to Millions

Also, we've been watching our way through all of Only Fools and Horses online, so I couldn’t leave the book behind could I? So that’s for A.

Next I got the bus to Aigburth Road and went to Windmill first to get our washing up liquid - £1.66 for a litre re-fill of Bio-D – hoorah, now we can actually wash our dishes! Then I went to the Remar charity shop, which mostly sells furniture and I wasn’t going to go in, but as I passed the window I noticed they had an enormous amount of books in stock, so I popped back in to have a look. To be honest, there were too many to look through properly and not much space to do it in - I did go through the kids’ books, but there wasn’t anything there.

After that, I went to the Animal Rescue Charity Shop, which is one of those places that looks like it should have tons of treasure and I have had a few good things here before. This time I didn’t see much, they seemed to have got rid of quite a bit of their stock of kids’ books, which is what I usually did well with. I did get this vintage handbag though, but I’m not sure if it’s to keep or sell yet.

Vintage Handbag
I think I'm leaning towards sell on this one as I have to have a big bag and I think this would be to small for me.

'The Moving Toyshop' and 'Swan Song' by Edmund Crispin

Then I went back to Allerton Road and went to most of the charity shops there, missing my 3 least favourite ones. I didn’t get as much as I normally do, just these books, from the same series as some others I bought in the same shop recently and this sweet vintage necklace, which I’m definitely keeping :)

Glass Heart Necklace
Close up of the beads and clasp

Nikki x

Monday, 11 June 2012

My First Auction Viewing

I’m off work today, so I thought I’d take the opportunity to do something I’d been meaning to do for absolutely ages and go to a viewing at an auction house. The viewings for this auction house are 2-4pm on Mondays, then the auction itself takes place on the Tuesday. I wasn’t really sure what I was doing, so when I got there I explained to the staff it was my first visit and they were quite helpful. The auction room was a lot smaller than I expected, with not a great deal of room to move. I think I was expecting more high-end stuff, but there was quite a good mix of objects.

I only saw a few things I was interested in – a vintage starburst clock like my nan used to have, a 1950s Doulton tea set and a wonderful collection of family photos. The photos were the lot I was most keen on, there was quite a variety of photos, from holiday and family snapshots, to studio portraits of soldiers from the First World War and a great deal of photographs of the family pets and children which were charming. I took the lot numbers and filled out a bid by proxy form as I wasn’t going to attend the auction itself (I knew I’d get carried away if I was there in person) and just put a low bid of £10 on each lot. The catalogue wasn’t ready yet so I didn’t know the estimates.

I don’t really expect to win the tea set or the clock, but I can’t see who else would bid on someone else’s family photos, so I’ve got high hopes for those. The auction house said they’d ring if I won any of the lots, so I’ll let you know how I get on. Wish me luck.

Are any of you auction regulars? I’d like to try going to an actual sale next, as long as I’m careful.

Nikki x

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Another Vintage Weekend - Part Two

Today I decided to visit VintageVillage in Stockport and the first Vintage Home Show in Manchester. I was quite excited to visit Vintage Village as I’d heard (well, read) such good things about it and I was also looking forward to the Vintage Home Show as I love vintage home ware and it’s a side of vintage that really seems to be neglected in Liverpool, where vintage only seems to apply to clothing. For example, you don’t get much in the way of pictures, ceramics, glass, books or textiles in Liverpool shops or fairs, just the odd stall.
I coerced A into driving us and we went to Vintage Village first. It cost us £1 each to get in (I paid for the Mister of course as he had been pretty much forced into going :) ) and as soon as we were in I was giddy with excitement.
It was amazing! It was nearly all homewares, all reasonably priced and most of it was to my taste. I was in my element, so A wandered off to get a coffee and the paper and leave me to it, but not before we’d spotted our first purchase:

You can't see the 3D effect here, but trust me it is awe-inspiring
Would you just look at it? Isn’t it glorious? A 3D picture of the Last Supper! It made our day and we practically bit the vendor’s hand off for it. It cost us £17.50, which is testament to how much A loved it because he’s normally a tight arse, but he said it was worth every penny and more and he said it was worth the trip down here just to get it. It’s going straight into the Salon de Shite and we’re not entirely sure how we’re going to top it! I completely forgot to get the seller’s name or card though – I think they thought we were a bit mad because we were so excited about it. They had a Tretchikoff print, but that was out of our price range.

So after buying that, A took it back to the car and went to get his coffee and left me to my own devices. For a fair I loved so much, I didn’t get a great deal, just this sweet little deer brooch (I love Marcasite), and a book by H E Bates.

Marcasite Deer Brooch - £8.50
 It's so cute, I'm building up quite a collection of marcasite jewellery now.

When the Green Woods Laugh by H. E. Bates - £2.50

I’ve got another book from the Darling Buds of May series in the same edition and I love both the stories and their covers. This is from the 1950s as is my copy of "A Breath of French Air" - I'll have to try and do some research on the illustrator.
I had such a good time – there was a lovely atmosphere and it was bustling, the sellers were really friendly and I was really impressed by the quality of their stock. I also learnt a few things, including one of the sellers dating my brooch for me (apparently it’s Edwardian, I had no idea). Also, there were quite a few visitors dressed in beautiful vintage clothing as well as the vendors, which I do love to see. There was even a Vegan option at the cafĂ© part, so we had spinach and chickpea stew for lunch.

The only slightly negative thing about this fair was that some of the aisles were a bit narrow, which they probably can’t help too much due to the nature of the hall, but everyone was polite and worked around it, so it wasn’t too big of a deal.

So, after lunch and one last sweep of the hall with A in tow, we headed over to the Vintage Home Show in Victoria Baths in Manchester and paid our £3 to get in. Looking at the marketing and the specialist nature of the show, I was sure that much of this show was going to be quite high-end and probably out of our price range and I was right. I’m not saying the prices were extortionate or even expensive, they weren’t – the stock was excellent quality and was priced accordingly. We really liked a lot of the furniture, but it was beyond our budget and we didn’t see anything within our means that we loved enough to take home, although we liked a great deal. I did expect it to be bigger than it was though, but it was an excellent show with a great atmosphere and the venue was stunning – we spent just as much time looking around the Baths’ myriad rooms as we did the stands, cursing ourselves for not bringing a camera and me stroking the Art Nouveau Tiles. We’re definitely going to go back and do a guided tour one day and take lots of pictures and we'll definitely be back to the Vintage Home Show too.

After this show, we were pretty shopped-out so we headed home and vegged out for a bit and debated where exactly the Last Supper should go in the Salon de Shite and whether it might need fairy lights on it.

I hope you’ve had an enjoyable weekend too, with lots of lovely things and treasure.

Nikki x

Saturday, 9 June 2012

Another Vintage Weekend - Part One

So today, finally was the eagerly awaited Vintage Fair at St George’s Hall in Liverpool. I got there just after it opened (and got a free copy of both Vintagexplorer and Antiquexplorer magazines - yay!) and headed straight for Bea’s stall which was mostly vintage from her own collection and predominantly 1950s. I’d overheard her when I was at the Speke fair talking about having a stall at St George’s to clear out some of her own stuff and judging by the way she was dressed I knew I couldn’t miss it. Her stock was beautiful – if that is what she’s getting rid of, what on earth is her wardrobe like? I tried a few dresses on, but unfortunately they were a bit on the small side so I had to leave them. I didn’t see much to take my eye in the rest of the fair clothes-wise – although the standard was high I just didn’t see anything I loved or was the right size etc. It’s always the way isn’t it – when you’ve got money you don’t see much you want, but when you’re skint you see loads.

Anyway, here’s what I did get:

Green Spotty Gloves - £5
How cute are these? I love green, It's one of my favourite colours!

1950s Tablecloth -£12
I love this, but it was a bit of an impulse buy as I was reminded of a lovely 50s tablecloth I chose not to buy once and have regretted since.

The Gloves and the tablecloth were from the same stall and the stallholder said I could have both for £15. I didn't get her name or business card but she was lovely - she's the lady in this photo.

1950s Red Velvet Coat - £15

I've been after a 1950s coat for a while so bought this, but I'm not sure it looks like an everyday coat. I think it's great though.
Blur Spotty Scarf - £3

I can't resist spotty things and I do love scarves although I don't wear them often.

1950s Apron - £5

Close-up of the Flower Carts
This apron was just too cute to leave behind, I've already got a couple of vintage aprons - they always have great patterns and designs.

Cat Postcard

How creepy-awful is this? It's not in the best condition, I'm pretty sure it's missing something at the neck - probably a bow or ribbon - but how could I possibly leave it behind?

The coat, apron, scarf and postcard were all from the same stall, which didn't seem to have a name and I forgot to ask. Again, the stallholder was lovely and threw in the postcard free. Hurrah!

I didn’t get the names of the stalls unfortunately and I didn’t take a camera, but there are plenty of pictures on their Facebook Page. I’m even in a couple but you can’t see my face – I’m the girl in the tweedy coat (which is from the 1970s). I'll definitely be back to this fair again, hopefully I'll get more things next time :)

Nikki x