Monday, 30 July 2012

A True Vintage Collector

There is a dress that has tormented me for months - I could see it was too small when I first spotted it in Lili Bizarre, but I measured it just in case and yes, heart-breakingly it was far too small. Every time I went in to Lili's I fawned over it and re-measured it, just in case I'd got the measurements wrong or in case it had magically expanded. Annoyingly, it has a European size label of 38 on it and I have at least one other dress in that size which fits fine. Pathetically, spurred on by my success with the ballgown that did fit after all (see this post) I did actually try it on once. It was feeling quite promising - I got it over my head and onto my waist - until I finally managed to pull all of the layers of lining over my head and realised I'd never be able to do up the side zip. In fact the dress is so small on me that it only covered one boob. Tragic.

Anyway, I left it in the shop - each time thinking that if it was still there by the next payday I'd buy it anyway, but each time not being able to justify that amount on an unwearable dress. Each time wondering why no-one had bought such a thing of beauty - half of me hoping someone would to put me out of my misery and give the dress the life it deserved, rather than leaving it neglected on the rail, and the other half hoping that no-one ever would because the thought of someone else owning it deeply upset me.

Finally, on Friday (payday) I cracked.

Yes, dear readers, I bought the dress.

I did something that makes me a True Collector of Vintage Clothing - I bought a dress that I will never, ever wear. It doesn't fit and quite frankly, without major surgery, never will. I'd have to lose at least 4 inches everywhere before it would come anywhere near me. However, I reasoned that if it the thought of losing it was bothering me that much it was worth buying it just to make me happy and stop worrying about it. The lovely staff at Lili's were laughing when they saw me bring it to the counter as they know it's been driving me mad.

Anyway, you're probably wondering what it looks like (I bet you'll think it's awful now).

It looks like this:
The Precious.
I was going to put it on my mannequin to show it off better but it was too small for it.

I love it so much! Which is kind of weird as it's not my normal taste at all - pretty much all of my dresses/clothes feature bold patterns and colours. I'm not really one for very pale colours and especially not pale pink.

The Bow Detail
But just look at the bow... and those divine flowers... and that delicate shade of pink... and those lovely purples and blues! Sigh.

I think it's the girliest dress ever. 

It is also fantastic quality -  the fabric is quite sheer and it has two layers of lining.  One layer is possibly an acetate fabric and the other is a soft muslin. It's made by Russell Stuart which is a label I can't find much information on unfortunately. Google searches just bring up completed eBay listings for "Mad Men" style dresses.

The Russell Stuart Label
The marks are marker pen that has bled through from the back of the label - there's a code written on it
The only way I can see this dress being worn is if we have a child/children and they want to wear it to their prom (and are about a UK size 6). But if they turn out like their parents they'll be all gothic ballgown or suit and Converse trainers instead (this was way before the Tenth Doctor too) and er... busty.

In the meantime I'm going to hang it on my wall and weep at its loveliness.

If you're interested I paid £35 for it - which I think is a bloody bargain for beauty of such magnitude (perhaps less of a bargain for something that is never going to be worn, but still).

Nikki x

P.S. I was hoping to get to a Car Boot sale today but it was bucketing down, so it wouldn't have been on. Gutted - I haven't made it to one in weeks. I hope you fared better if you were out Treasure-Hunting this weekend.

Friday, 27 July 2012

What I Wore and Random Vintage Tip Number Three

Dress - £20, Pop Boutique
Belt - ?, Charity Shop but from Matalan originally
(Back to doing my own photos again as A is out - humph)

I wore this dress to work today - it's another of my favourite dresses.  I love the illustration-y pattern which for some reason always makes me think of architectural details  and I love the bold colours (which match Penguin books perfectly - see this post) and the big patch pockets. When I first tried this dress on, I had difficulty working out which was the front of the dress and which was the back as the zip is at the side of the dress and the darting and neckline of the bodice is near identical on either side. Also I couldn't see a label on the dress.

When I had it on in the changing room, I thought it was a bit too small at the bust and the pockets were in an odd position. I bought the dress anyway because:

a.) it's amazing and I loved the pattern, 
b.) when would I ever see another one like it?  
c.) it was only £25,  
d.) it would probably be fine with a minimiser bra,
e.) I don't tend to keep a lot in my pockets anyway, so them being oddly placed wouldn't be a massive problem.

So I handed over my cash and it only ended up costing me £20 because I pointed out there was damage to the hem and it would need re-hemming. Hurrah!

Anyway, I tried it on again when I got home and suddenly it did fit perfectly and the pockets weren't in an odd place at all. I was a bit confused until I realised I must have had it on back-to-front in the shop. Clearly I am an idiot - especially as it turns out there is a very small European size label in the normal place (i.e. in the place you'd expect to find a label)! 

Pocketses! I love pockets
It didn't take me long at all to re-hem the dress either (even as a novice) as the hem had been unpicked rather than damaged and it was easy to put back to its original length. I was able to space my hand stitching really neatly due to the pattern on the dress - I used black thread and hid the stitches in the black stripes and they're pretty much invisible.

I had a quick check through the rest of my 1950s dresses and where the dress has a side zip it is on the left hand side of the dress as you wear it. In fairness, it is only this dress I've had that problem with - most of the others have labels or the necklines are different to the back of the dress, so it's fairly obvious which way round you should put it on.

So there you go, my tip is essentially "If it doesn't fit properly, check you've got it on the right way round" (you daft sod)!

Nikki x

P.S. The Mister didn't make Battenburg after all, but he did make me dinner last night (twice because we were still hungry) and tonight and he made Sangria too. So I'll forgive him :)

Also he messaged me  before to say there's a cake in the oven (apricot - delicious) and it looks like he's cleared the plugholes. He's much better at this housewife lark than me!

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

A Re-instated Dress

Yesterday I mentioned I'd been mending dresses so I could re-instate them into my wardrobe and this is one of them. I wore it to work today.

1950s Dress - £27 from Pop Boutique maybe 3 years ago?
Luna getting involved again
000000000000000000000000000000000000 (Juno helping me blog there - this post is turning into a real team effort)

This is one of my favourite dresses (aren't they all? ahem) but I've not been able to wear it recently as I'd put a little weight on my bust and it got too tight. Luckily the bodice has a big overlap of fabric and the buttons aren't working ones, they're just sewn on, so I was able to gain a little room by removing the buttons and making the overlap smaller. I'm so happy to have it back in my wardrobe again - this is the first proper 1950s dress that I bought (I have a dress that I bought before this one but I didn't know it was 1950s at the time and I'm still not sure) and I love it so much. I love the shape and the massive skirt and the bold pattern and the colours and the buttons and the inexplicably enormous pocket as demonstrated here:

Not really sure what I'm supposed to keep in here but I can fit an A4 book in it
This is our yard by the way - well it's the yard we share with the downstairs flat and these stairs are our cat fire escape leading to our bedroom. If you've noticed the sudden improvement in photography it's because the photographer himself took these and he suggested the location too. If I ever get around to selling on Etsy I'll have to remember this valuable source of distressed wood for use as a backround.

My hair looks weird in these photos - it's sort of tucked into itself and pinned up at the nape of my neck.

Other things that happened today included me walking into a massive spider's web in the alley (twice) and screaming like a baby and walking around town after work with chocolate around my mouth (I'm hoping people thought it was a cold sore).

I also listened (via BBC iPlayer) to the bit on yesterday's Woman's Hour where they talked about vintage (and only that bit, I skipped all the other topics) but ended up turning it off as it was getting on my nerves for so many reasons. Did anyone else listen to it? It's up here on the BBC Website and starts 18 minutes in if you want to have a listen. If you're interested I listened to it whilst wearing my non-vintage pyjamas and ironing on my plain, non-floral Argos Value ironing board.

I'm linking this post to Lakota's Ta-dah! Tuesday as I mended my dress with my own fair hands and I'm proud (and also I just realised it qualifies :) )

Right, I'm off to find out what the dress code for feminists actually is and what the approved careers are...

Nikki x

Updated to add: The Mister just asked me to Google a recipe for Vegan Battenburg Cake as he's going to make it tomorrow while I'm at work. Staying at home and baking? - clearly he's not a feminist either! ;)

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Little Things

A got back on Friday night and for the first time in a month we had two days off together - yesterday and today. It's been lovely to feel like we actually live together for once. We've spent most of the last two days sorting out all those faffy little things that needed doing such as buying a doorbell and new cat collars, tidying and re-stocking the kitchen (and somehow managing to spend around £100 on food), as well as eating delicious meals because A has missed cooking properly, watching films and also catching up with our families a little. I did do a tiny Tuesday Treasure Hunt but came home empty handed - this may never have happened before. We had a late night on Sunday as Luna decided not to come back in until 2am and A had to go looking for her - little monster!

I've also been doing a bit of mending and can now re-instate two of my favourite dresses to my wardrobe, whilst a couple more are ready to be finished off with the sewing machine when I can be bothered to dig it out. They needed their zips replacing and it's taken me ages to get around to buying the zips - one of the dresses has been out of action for at least two years and I think much longer so I'm really excited about wearing it again. The zip on the other dress broke more recently (in the last few months) and it was the first vintage dress I ever bought so I can't wait to wear that again either!

So, just little things really but it feels good to get them done. There have been other, bigger things happening but they're either not mine to talk about or not definite enough for me to talk about yet (one of which I'm very excited about but is so indefinite that I'm trying not to even get my hopes up).

I'm not really sure how to finish off this inconsequential little post, but I'll leave you with A's description of Joe Strummer's voice as told to me yesterday:

"It sounds like he's washed his mouth out with Bob Dylan"
Nighty night,

Nikki x

Friday, 20 July 2012

A Treasure from My Collection: Pride and Prejudice

Hello! I had something linedup to write about today but it kind of fell through. So I thought I'd share this amazing book from my collection with you instead:

1950s Edition of Pride and Prejudice
This is a 'Regent Classics' copy of Pride and Prejudice published by the Thames Publishing Company, London. I know it's in rubbish condition - the dust jacket is all tatty and it's foxed to buggery - but I love it! I love how you can tell it's from the 1950s just from the style of the illustrations. Seriously, look at Elizabeth - if you took away the ringlets in her hair and lowered the waistline on her dress a little she'd be straight out of a 1950s fashion illustration. Darcy looks quite like Rock Hudson and almost has a quiff!

Look at the colours used too - one of the many things I love about the 1950s is the desire to depict everything in such bright colours. I haven't managed to capture it very well, but on this cover Darcy is mainly dressed in pink - his breeches are a light mauve/pinky colour and his coat is practically fuschia! Compare that to the sombre colours he wears in any TV or film adaptation.

If you only had 1950s books to refer to (especially Ladybird Books), you'd be forgiven for thinking that all of history happened in glorious technicolour. Which of course is why I 'm so enamoured of them!

Nikki x

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

A Quick What I Wore

This is what I wore to work today:

Blue 1950s Dress from Pop Boutique, Bold Street
Belt from New Look ages ago
White Tights from Accessorize
Ballet Pumps from George
Black and White Fur - Luna's Own
This is my newest dress and I'm really loving it at the moment - the blues and bold pattern are so cheery. This is a standard outfit for me really - i.e. most days I wear a 1950s dress, white tights, ballet pumps, belt and cardy. It's pretty much a uniform. I don't really do much accessorising - I have lots of jewellery but I don't give it much thought.

This photo is at a bit of an odd angle, but Loony obviously wanted to be involved so how could I refuse? Plus the camera battery ran out shortly afterwards :)

Nikki x

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

What a Difference a Day Makes

So I've mentioned I have a stockroom full of stuff to sell. What you might not have realised is that it is actually bursting at the seams. Not only do I keep adding finds to it and not putting them away properly but it has become a bit of a dumping ground for stuff we haven't found a place for and stuff that's supposed to be taken to the charity shop. We tend to just shove stuff in there, shut the door and forget about it. We don't spend any time in here so it can get out of hand. I think this is the worst it's been though. Last night it looked like this:

Before: Computer Desk
This is where I will eventually be listing my stuff on Etsy/eBay etc. but at the moment the computer isn't working. Our main computer is in the Living Room. We were given two bedside cabinets recently but couldn't work out where to put this one, so it got shoved in here and now holds recent Charity Shop finds as well as all our odd electrical leads, a box of crystals that used to live on a shelf next to my side of the bed until I got sick of the cats knocking them off and a weird 70s candleholder I bought years ago but don't use and don't have a place for. The pictures in the corner are waiting to be hung by A when he gets chance.

Before: Stock Shelves
Aaaaaallll of that stuff on the main shelves is to sell - except for the books on the top shelf of the very right-hand bookcase which are all reference books to do with vintage and collectables. These include, for example, Miller's Guides, books on different eras, books about pottery manufacturers (Meakin, Midwinter etc.), collector's guides and so on and so forth.

The big tub you can see contains vintage buttons and the dark blue box with Claudia on it is a set of six glasses to commemorate Charles and Diana's wedding. They belonged to my Nan. They are awful.

One of the pink spotty boxes contains vintage dressmaking patterns and sewing parephernalia, the other one contains stuff for doing stalls - display stands, labels, carrier bags, money box etc.

The blue spotty boxes contain lots of padded envelopes and if you can't tell those are rolls of bubblewrap on top.

Before: Clothes Rail Corner

Most of these clothes are to sell, some are overspill from my wardrobe. Under the clothes I keep vintage textiles - bed linen mostly and a few tea towels as well as some curtains. There's also a plastic set of drawers wedged in behind the table that contains packing supplies such as tissue paper, mail bags, brown paper etc. The mannequin is called Betty. The card thing is a 'Make your Own Haunted House' kit for kids that A and I did months ago and now have nowhere to put as it takes up so much room. It may end up being recycled :s.  The rest of the stuff on the table is stuff I have yet to find a home for. Underneath the table is more stock in boxes and a garment steamer.

Before: Mess!
This corner is a result of me having to empty my mending bag to use the bag for something else, recent purchases, things being knocked of shelves by cats and stuff we are taking to the charity shop but had to stick in here for some reason. The boxes are mostly full of stock. I think a couple are empty. The photos I picked up from the Auction House are behind A's tripod and the thing in the bottom left corner is my wheely-bag, now named Dot. There are three bookcases on this side of the room containing most of our books. One bookcase is A's, the two you see here are mine. Hippy/New age books are on the left-hand bookcase, Arts/Crafts/Creative books are on the right and there are a few shelves of fiction at the top.

You can see why I wanted to get this sorted ASAP!

Anyway, now it looks like this (btw I don't know why I took the first lot of photos portrait and the second lot landscape, I just did):

After: Computer Desk
Much cleaner now I've actually found a home for everything. Some of the stuff had been there for months. The drawers contain stuff like tape, labels, pens, scissors, little plastic sealy bags etc. for packing and posting items. Also the digital scales are placed handy for weighing items when listing. The corkboard has all vintage-related flyers and business card on it. I love that cat picture!
Vintage Ladybirds
I didn't change much on the shelves but I thought you might like a close up of what's on them now I can get to them. This bookcase houses vintage childrens' books on the bottom four shelves and the top shelf (the one you can just see at the top of this pic) houses my reference books. These two shelves hold only vintage Ladybirds. I counted and I now have 280 vintage Ladybirds to sell as well as 4 large format Ladybirds (three of which are the yellow-spined books you can see on the computer desk. I also have another 10 which are too damaged to sell and will be used in some sort of crafty endeavour.
Vintage Children's Books
These are all vintage children's books dating from the 1930s to the 1980s including Score Annuals, educational books, Bancroft Classics, vintage Puffin Books and lots of Enid Blyton books. Also two rolls of vintage wallpaper and a flour/sugar sifter from my own collection which I will probably sell.
A fair amount of the pottery you see here is from my own collection that I've decided to sell - the blue and red floral Taunton Vale Ware at the top right for example and nearly all of the glasses were my Nan's. I've never really gotten into collecting glass - I find it hard to date and identify. I do have quite a lot of vintage shot glasses in different colours though. When I was in Uni I used to keep them on the windowsill of my room in halls and the light would shine through them making a stained glass effect and casting coloured shadows on the sill and sometimes the floor. I've also got a few big coloured brandy glasses at my Mum and Dad's which are amazing!
More Ceramics and Books!
 The Mary Quant-Style Teapot is from my own collection as are the large Midwinter Tureen and bowl underneath. The books on the lower shelf are mainly factual books - including Ballet Annuals, books about the Royals/ Coronation etc. and there are also vintage cookery and craft books. The pink and purple files contain vintage recipe booklets/pamphlets and knitting/crochet patterns and craft booklets. The shelf above is stuff that's been bought more recently and not been sorted so is a bit of a mix.

After: Clothes Rail Corner
 Again, not much change - I just compacted it all a bit.

Under the table (with Juno)
I didn't change anything here, I just thought I'd show you underneath the table. Nearly all of those tightly-packed boxes contain stock - mostly ceramics as well as some books for a Car Boot (if we ever get chance to do one). The bottom-right box contains my garment steamer, which I've yet to actually use.

After: Less Mess! (with Luna)
I moved the cabinet to the back wall here and re-attached the drawer front! It now holds my items for mending (all neatly bagged) and some of my fabric. The photographs and tripod have been moved so they're less in the way and a couple of those boxes were actually empty so I was able to decant my recent ceramic finds into them. Yes, all those boxes contain stock. I also managed to clear the table which will now be used to photograph and pack items and inevitably give the cats somewhere to sit and watch the world go by.

So there you have it. Now you see I wasn't exaggerating when I said I had a room full of stock and why I have to get on with selling the damn stuff! At this point I'm just collecting stuff I don't want. At least I can get to it all now. When A gets back, he's here for three weeks, so that should give us time to get some of this stuff photographed and ready for selling.

I'm linking this to Ta-Da Tuesday on Lakota's amazing blog.

Nikki x

Sunday, 15 July 2012

Cat Photo Bombs!

I just thought I'd show you what happens when you have two cats and you try to take photos... or do anything really:
Juno Standing all over my new Nina Print!
Luna in the way as usual!
Juno settling down on a wool blanket

Juno again!

 This might give you an idea of how long it takes me to take my photos :)

Nikki x

Friday, 13 July 2012

The Plan

Due to the fact my job is seasonal, at the end of October I will be out of a job. If I want my job back I can re-apply, but it won't start again until March (I'm not guaranteed to get it back either but we'll cross that bridge when we come to it). I have decided to start saving money from my wages now so that I don't have to work during the season break and use that time to start doing stalls and selling vintage full time. The minimum I need each month to cover our bills is £500, so I need to save half my wages from the next four months (I don't exactly get paid a fortune) to have enough to see me through the break.

This does mean I'll only have £500 to live on each month for the next 8 months and nothing to spend on myself. If I want to spend money on myself from now on I WILL HAVE TO SELL THINGS and not just bloody accumulate them! If I do get my job back next year I won't have to work Sundays anymore so I will be able to sell at vintage fairs on Sundays.

It has occurred to me that this blog may as well be called 'What I Bought' and if I don't have any money to spend on Treasure Hunting I will probably run out of things to talk about pretty quickly. I'd better get a move on really - wish me luck!

Nikki x

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Lunchtime Vintage Haul

During my lunch break at work, I nipped out to Jumble People on Pilgrim Street to have a mooch. Everything bar one rail is still £5 - woohoo! They were a bit more organised than last time I was in and seemed to have a lot of new stock. They were also sorting more stock as I arrived, so I'll have to nip in again soon. There were cases of accessories on the floor to rummage through as well as a big 'Treasure Chest', so rummage I did.

I got 7 lovely vintage handkerchiefs:

Floral Sprig Embroidered Hanky

Cutwork and Embroidered Hanky
Detail of Cutwork

Floral Printed Hanky

Oval Floral Printed Hanky

Detail of Pattern

Embroidered Floral Hanky

Blue Floral Printed Hanky
This one still has it's little sticker label
Embroidered Hanky - Crepe maybe?

Close-up of the embroidery

I think the two all-over printed hankies date from the 1950s - they're both unused too - and the crepe hanky above is probably earlier. I'm not too good on dating hankies - it's not something I've ever looked into before. This month's Homes & Antiques Magazine has an article on vintage handkerchiefs and there are some gorgeous ones featured. They're one of those things that are probably quite easy to pick up cheaply in charity shops as not many people would know their worth and hankies aren't exactly everyday items for most people anymore. I think I'll frame the two printed ones and sell some. A couple have got little holes/flaws so I might make something with them.

Vintage Blouse - £5
I also got this lovely blouse which I think is from the 1950s. It has lovely cutwork detail and embroidery on the front.

Detail of the Cutwork
It's a really pretty little blouse and almost matches the cutwork hanky above. I'm trying to add blouses and tops to my wardrobe at the moment as I have quite a few vintage skirts but not many tops to go with them.

I also got this little beauty:

Vintage Ballgown - £5
The Label
I think it's a 1940s gown. It's great quality, weighs a ton, is boned at the bust and was made by Marshall and Snelgrove (now if that isn't the name of a Victorian Department Store I don't know what is). It is a bit damaged but for £5 I thought I'd display it or hang it on the wall. I wasn't planning to wear it anyway as I thought it was too small. It looked a bit sad and neglected and had obviously led a grand life before, so I took it home. When I got it home I gave it a quick measure because on second thoughts the bust looked quite accomodating but it did come up too small. I tried it on anyway on a whim and look!

 It only bloody fits! It is a little snug though and it's a good job that boobs are squashy :)

A Princess Dress
It's also really long on me too - I'm wearing my 1970s platforms (a post for another time) under this and it's still floor-length. Which made it fun to set the self-timer and dash to get in position as I was tripping over a lot. It's only a matter of luck these photos don't just show me on the floor with my leg at a funny angle crying with the pain. As I said it does have some war wounds - a couple of holes and such and it definitely needs a good clean. But for a fiver who cares? It's so much fun to swish about in and so pretty and made me all happy and giddy so it's worth the money. Also, because I'm such a short-arse I can take the hem up enough that the holes won't be visible. All I need now is some kind of occasion to wear it.

Whilst researching Marshall & Snelgrove, I came across this article by Vintage Chic, which I had read before but forgotten about.

You can see more examples of their labels at Vintage Fashion Guild's Label Resource. Looking at the pictures, I'd say my guess of 1940s was probably right, so I can feel extra smug now!

Nikki x

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Tuesday Treasure Hunting

Just a little Tuesday Treasure Hunt this week - I only went to the Charity shops nearest our home and I didn't get masses.

1980s St Michael Blouses

Close up of the patterns

First up are these 80s blouses. By now you'll have noticed that I'm not really a fan of the eighties fashion-wise, so funnily enough I bought these to sell. They look quite 40s-inspired to me.

Grindley Petalware Coffee Set
I also picked up this beautiful coffee set by Grindley (which had been reduced that morning - hurrah!). This is only part of the set - there are another 5 coffee cups and saucers. Isn't it pretty? I know I've already got a few pieces somewhere - plates I think. There are a few similar sets out there by different makers in very nearly the same blue from the same era - Meakin's Glamour in the 'Celeste' colourway is one and I have a set of coffee cups and saucers in that. The other maker is Johnson Brothers. I have examples of each, so I can do a post comparing them when I dig them out.

The backstamp for all you ceramics geeks!
'Lupin' is the name of the colour and 'Petal' refers to the shape or design. I've only looked it over briefly but it seems in really good condition and I'm quite tempted to keep it... hrm...

Nikki x

Monday, 9 July 2012

More Shopping and an Auction Lot

I had to go into Town today to pick up those photographs from the auction house, so I went vintage shopping as well.

First I got this cute geometric dress from Pop Boutique on Bold Street:

1950s Dress - £30 from Pop Boutique
I do love a bold pattern... and stripes... and a big collar... and big buttons... and a matching belt.

Here's a close-up of the pattern

It's a little on the big size possibly, but I don't mind. It's also a bit creased from being in the bag all day - it wasn't like that in the shop.

1950s Illustrated Skirt - £28, Raiders Vintage
Next I popped into Raiders and got this gorgeous illustrated skirt - they'd only put it out today as well! I've wanted an illustrated 1950s piece for ages but didn't think I had much hope as they're rare and usually expensive. I thought this one was a tourist-y skirt of europe at first as I could have sworn I saw a gondola at one point, but when I started taking close-up pictures, it looks more like a Royal Tour.

This bit looks like a parade to me

Car and Ceremonial-Looking Guards

Disembarking a Plane

Ascending a Grand Staircase

What do you think? It does seem to reference or commemorate a specific occasion.

The Waistband

The skirt has faded a bit - you can see the difference on the waistband in this picture - but it's still lovely.

Vintage Apron - £5, Raiders Vintage
I also picked up this vintage apron in Raiders - I seem to be building a collection of them. It's not really intentional - it's just that aprons tend to have great examples of patterns and illustrations and are cheaper and easier to get hold of than clothes of a similar style. Plus this is adorable and was a fiver.

I love the bright snowflake pattern

The pockets are so sweet!

Next I went on to Grand Central to check out the vintage shops there and got really excited because a new one has opened up - Peelypops Vintage in the basement. Some excellent stock with a good mix of eras and a lovely lady at the helm. I recognised the name from some of the vintage fairs I've been to recently - definitely the stockport one, so I was glad to see they have a permanent base and I wish them luck.

Anyway I bought this fab blouse/top from them:

Vintage Blouse - £6, Peelypops Vintage
I'm not sure when to date it - it's made from lovely thick cotton and buttons up at the back -I'd guess 60s, maybe 50s.  There isn't a label, but It's been overlocked so won't be homemade. Whenever it dates from, it's ace and is a welcome addition to my vintage separates wardrobe!

Then I finally traipsed off to the auction house to pick up my winnings. Here are a couple of sneak peeks at the photos:

Studio Photos
These are all the studio photos from the lot. There are also lots of loose photographs and a photograph album along with a couple of letters.

There are also lots of photographs of family pets, of which this one is probably my favourite:

Such a happy-looking cat
I'm not sharing any more with you for the moment as these photos really deserve their own post(s) and, I will have to wait fot the Photographer to get back from London so he can help me take better pictures of them and do them justice.
That's all for now folks! Nighty Night.

Nikki x