Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Vintage Guide to Liverpool: Lili Bizarre

As part of my Vintage Guide, I intend to do a write-up on each of the Vintage Shops I've listed. I'm going to cover all sorts of stuff, including of course what type of vintage they stock, but also little details like the music they play etc. to give you more of a feel for the place. First up is Lili Bizarre, on Hardman Street:
Lili Bizarre
Lili Bizarre Shop Front - Source
I'm lucky enough to work near Lili Bizarre, so I often pop in bnefore work or during my lunchbreak. Lili Bizarre is actually a Fancy Dress Shop, but it has a dedicated vintage area at the front of the shop selling both men's and women's vintage clothing and accessories. The stock is left over from when they used to be a vintage shop and once they've sold it, they won't get any more in. Although I have been told there are a few more boxes of stock in storage and they've even promised to ring me when they put it out - how nice is that?
Women's Vintage Rail at Lili Bizarre
The staff are super-friendly and helpful and there's a whole army of them so you're never kept waiting. I've even been late for work once or twice because we've been chatting. The shop itself is always clean and tidy and I don't know what they use to wash their stock but it smells amazing - the whole shop is scented with it and you even get a waft sometimes as you pass the door. Their vintage certainly never smells vintage! They also have a good few changing rooms (6 I think), which is great.
Men's Shirts at Lili Bizarre
Music-wise they play up-beat stuff, mainly from the 1960s and 70s I think, and I never find it intrusive. When we were in taking these photos they had the Beatles on :)
Now, onto the stock itself! I really love the vintage they stock here - it's always excellent quality and I've bought beautiful dresses here that I've never seen the like of anywhere else and for great prices. They have a good mix of 1950s-1980s, with the odd earlier item and they have a whole heap of fab 1960s/70s mini-dresses as well as some gorgeous maxis.
1960s and 70s Minidresses - £15 each
They also stock items that I think of as quite hard to find such as vintage trousers:
Trousers and Blazers at Lili Bizarre
And they stock some accessories too, including 1960s/70s tights, which are another thing I don't come across too often.

Acessories, including Mary Quant tights, Bags, Gloves and Cummerbunds. (The rail on the right is fancy dress stock.)

I picked out some of my favourite items to show you:

Early Underskirt - £15 (I did actually try this on once but it did nothing for me.)

1950s Dress - £35

1950s Dress - £20 (has a little damage)
1950s Dress - £30
1950s Cocktail Dress - £25
1960s Minidress - £15

1960s Minidress - £15
1960s Minidress - £15

Awesome Disco Trousers - £7.50
I've bought quite a few items from Lili Bizarre since March (when I discovered they sold vintage - oh the treasures I must have missed!), including my beautiful 'Monet' dress and the gorgeous-but-teeny floral dress I bought recently. I've also had 2 more lovely 1950s dresses from them, 2 pretty vintage blouses and some fabulous 1970s platforms - all of which have yet to be shown on the blog.

Handy Cut-Out-and-Keep Guide to Lili Bizarre
Do they sell both Men’s and Women’s Vintage? Yes
What accessories do they sell? Bags (£5), Shoes (from £10), Gloves (£5), Cummerbunds (£3) and Tights.
Do they sell Vintage Homeware too? No
Eras Represented: 1950s-1980s with a couple of earlier pieces
Cheapest Item of clothing? Disco Trousers pictured above - £7.50
Most expensive item of clothing? 1970s Velvet Cape - £55 (which I forgot to photograph)
Will they lend you a tape measure? Yes, I've borrowed one on occasion
Lili Bizarre
12 Hardman Street
L1 9AX

Opening Hours:

Monday - 9.30-18.00
Tuesday - 9.30-17.30
Wednesday - 9.30-20.00
Thursday, Friday and Saturday - 9.30-17.30

Cash/Card: Cash and Cards accepted

Tel. Number: 0151 709 8159

Email: lilibizarre@googlemail.com

Website: www.lilibizarre.com


Facebook Page

Notes: I just have to add that in the run-up to Hallowe'en, Lili Bizarre put away their vintage and replace it with Fancy Dress stock as it's (obviously) their busiest time of year. So don't visit in October or the first two weeks of November for vintage.

I hope you're finding this guide useful and please do go to Lili's if you're ever in Liverpool - it's one of my favourite vintage places.
I'm going to leave you with this:
The most eighties dress ever? I forgot to check how much it was
Sweet Dreams,

Nikki x

P.S. I thought I'd better add that none of my Vintage Guide posts are sponsored in any way - no freebies, no discounts etc.

Sunday, 26 August 2012

A Little Bit of Treasure

I managed to convince A to get out of bed early this morning to go to the car boot before work. There were a few less stalls today because the ground was wet and this site is prone to the most enormous puddles. It was still busy, but I didn't get much.

1970s Tin
I got this vintage tin, which needs a good clean. Not really sure what I'm going to do with it, but I love the pattern.

Rainbow Brite Jigsaw
I also got this 1980s Rainbow Brite Jigsaw which I will probably sell, unless my sister snaffles it. I actually did this before to check it was complete.

Aaand I got this:
1970s Dressmaking Encyclopedia - 50p
You've probably seen this book around - it must have been quite popular as I've seen a few copies before myself. I've also got the Golden Hands Handicrafts Book, which I mentioned here. I actually bought this to sell as I was convinced I already had it, but I don't, so I'm keeping it.
Here are some fabulous pictures from the book:
I love these kids' coats (made from real Muppet Skin)

This dress is amazing, but I'm not convinced on the collar. Also the cape/dress in the background is fantastic!

Love this and I really want a quilted circle skirt for winter

Such a campy photo!
Hope you've had some good finds this weekend, or good luck for tomorrow if you're car-booting on the Bank Holiday. Normally on a Bank Holiday Monday I'd be off to the Frodsham Car Boots, but I have to work - boo!

Nikki x

Thursday, 23 August 2012

A Deviation from the 1950s*

I bet you didn't expect me to come away from my vintage research trip on Monday empty-handed. Well, you were right, but if you were expecting me to buy another 1950s dress (or dresses), you were mistaken.

I got this:
1970s Maxi - £15, Bullet
Isn't it lovely? And not remotely 1950s. I've mentioned this before, but I do love the 1970s and the 1960s - they were my first love when I got into vintage things as a teenager. It's just that my favourite decade at the moment is the 1950s, so I mainly dedicate my time and money to acquiring things from that era. I've been after some maxis for a while now for the summer - well, those occasional warm days we have here in the UK - but I've been having trouble finding cotton ones. I actually quite like polyester (for reasons already mentioned here) and own a few pretty poly dresses but I find it too hot to wear and I do not cope well in the heat. So when I saw this lovely I had to try it on. I did try a few others but this was the only one that fit, which was lucky as it was my favourite of the bunch.

Bodice Detail

The fabric is so pretty and I love the ruffle, which carries on to the back and the sweet little buttons.

Close-up of the buttons
It's mdefssssssssssssssss - sorry Juno just jumped on the keyboard. It's made by Carnegie of London, who I think were a pretty popular brand but I can't find out much about them. There are plenty of their dresses about on the internet though and they seem to have started in the 1950s.

I love it when people post the labels from their clothes (I know, I'm a geek), so here's the label:

Carnegie of London Label
I'm not sure when I'll be able to give it it's first outing - my 1950s dresses I can wear to work, so they get tons of wear, but this is probably a bit much for work. It'll have to be a nice, warm day too, but I'll post a pic when I do wear it.

I also got these placemats:

Placemats - £1 the lot, The Jumble People
I think they're placemats anyway, I thought they were hankies at first. There are 4 of the rectangular ones and 2 of these square ones which I guess are napkins:

They look unused and I think they're 1950s, but I'm not sure. I love them though and at £1 for all of them they're a complete bargain.

So there you go - I'm not a complete decade snob after all!

The dress is quite 1930s-inspired though - don't you think?

Nikki x

*I'm listening to Just a Minute on BBC iPlayer, hence 'deviation'

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

A Vintage Guide to Liverpool - Part One: Shops

**Updated 31/05/2016**

Update: Lots of vintage shops in Liverpool have unfortunately closed now or moved online, so there's a lot less here than there was

I've been looking forward to writing this guide for ages. It's a privilege to share some of my favourite Vintage Shops with you and to draw attention to some of the perhaps more neglected sources of vintage in Liverpool. At the moment I'll be concentrating on the city centre (bricks and mortar) shops - partly because those are the ones I'm most familiar with and partly because if you're visiting Liverpool for the day, those will be the easiest to get to. Later on I will add shops from outside of the city centre, as well as other places that might be of interest to vintage fans. I will also compile a list of the local Vintage Fairs.

This is just a basic overview to start, but my intention is to do a detailed write-up of each shop - perhaps one each month. I also plan to keep this list updated, adding new shops as they open/relocate etc. I've had to use other people's photographs for this overview (they should all be sourced - let me know if not), but I will replace them with my own photos over time.

Also, I don't know why the formatting in this post is all over the place, but I've tried to fix it several times to no avail - sorry.

Bullet Shop Front - Source
Bullet is based on Hardman Street and sells vintage clothing and accessories as well as their own line of one-off clothing. They stock only women's vintage clothing.

Update: Bullet have now closed and moved online. They no longer sell vintage.

Lili Bizarre
Lili Bizarre Shop Front - Source

Lili Bizarre are also based on Hardman Street. They are predominantly a fancy dress shop, but have a dedicated vintage area at the front of the shop selling clothing and accessories. There are two racks of men's vintage clothing and some accessories, but the majority is women's.

*Please note that in October for the run-up to Hallowe'en and for about 2 weeks after, the vintage section is removed and replaced with Hallowe'en gear to cope with the extra demand. They are a Fancy Dress shop after all!*

Update: Lilli Bizarre have now moved and currently don't have their vintage items in stock. 

Do they sell Vintage Homeware too? No
Eras Represented: 1950s-1980s with a couple of earlier pieces
Lili Bizarre
7 Tarleton Street
L1 1DS

Opening Hours:
Monday - 9.30-18.00
Tuesday-Saturday - 9.30-17.30

Cash/Card: Cash and Cards accepted

Tel. Number: 0151 709 8159

Email: lilibizarre@googlemail.com

Website: www.lilibizarre.com

Facebook Page

Pop Boutique, Bold Street
Pop Boutique Shop Front - Source
There are two Pop Boutique shops in Liverpool - the one on Bold Street is the smaller of the two. They sell men and women's vintage clothing and some accessories, as well as their own repro/retro clothing line.

Update: One of the Pop Boutique shops has now closed and the Bold Street one has moved to the other side of the street.

Do they sell Vintage Homeware too? No

Eras Represented: Mainly 1960s-1980s with a little 1990s and the odd 1950s item. Quite a bit of their own clothing line too.


Pop Boutique
83 Bold Street
L1 4HF

Opening Hours:  
Monday -Saturday - 10.30-18.00
Sunday - 12.00-17.00

Cash/Card: Cash and Cards accepted

Website: www.pop-boutique.com


Facebook Page

Soho's Shop Front - Source
Soho's is also based on Bold Street and sells alternative clothing and accessories including a lot of vintage-inspired clothing (such as Hell Bunny dresses and petticoats) and  quite a lot of men's and women's vintage clothing.
Do they sell Vintage Homeware too? No
Eras Represented: Mainly 1970s-1980s, with some 1960s and I've spotted one or two 1950s pieces there too.


80 Bold Street
L1 4HR

Opening Hours:

Monday-Saturday - 10.30-17.30
Sunday - 12.00-17.00

Cash/Card: Cash and Cards accepted

Tel. Number:
0151 707 0880

www.sohos.co.uk (They don't sell vintage online though)

Little Red Vintage

Little Red Vintage Shop Front - Source
Little Red Vintage is another Bold Street vintage shop, a little bit further down from Soho's. It sells vintage clothing and accessories (nearly all women's) as well as a lot of re-worked vintage clothing.

Update: Little Red Vintage has now closed and moved online.

Eras Represented: 1970s-90s - mainly 80s and 90s, with a few 1960s pieces. Quite a lot of re-worked vintage too.

Email: littleredvintage1@gmail.com



Facebook Page

By the way, Kasbah, the Morroccan restaurant next door to Little Red is amazing!

Oxfam Original
Oxfam Original Shop Front - Source
Oxfam Original sells books as well as Vintage Clothing and Accessories. Both men's and women's vintage is for sale at reasonable prices, but it is mostly women's vintage. They also sell some second-hand, non-vintage clothes (usually higher-end High Street stuff). 

Do they sell Vintage Homeware too? No
Eras Represented: Mainly 1960s-80s, but I have seen the odd 1950s dress in there

Oxfam Original Shop
35-37 Bold St
L1 4DN

Opening Hours:
Monday-Saturday - 10.00-18.00
Sunday: 11.00-17.00

Cash/Card: Cash and Cards accepted

Tel. Number: 0151 709 6739

Email: oxfamshopf1227@oxfam.org.uk

Website:  www.oxfam.org.uk/shop/local-shops/oxfam-original-liverpool


Resurrection Shop Front - Source
Resurrection is another Bold Street shop - it mainly sells new clothing and accessories with a floor each for men's and women's stuff. They have a vintage section on each floor, but there isn't much men's vintage. The women's vintage seems to be mostly separates (blouses and skirts).
Do they sell Vintage Homeware too? No
Eras Represented: Mainly 1970s-90s and heavy on the 80s

29 Bold Street

L1 4DN

Opening Hours: 

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday - 9.30-18.00
Thursday - 9.30-19.00
Friday and Saturday - 9.30-18.00
Sunday - 11.00-17.00

Cash/Card: Cash and Cards accepted

Tel. Number: 0151 707 8099

Email: info@resurrection-online.com

69A Shop Front - Source

69A is a large Antiques/Collectables shop on Renshaw Street that also stocks men's and women's vintage clothing and accessories. Their clothing is mostly jackets and jumpers/tops and jeans and flares. There isn't much in the way of dresses.
Do they sell Vintage Homeware too? Yes - tonnes! Including lots of books and ceramics (quite a few Art Deco teasets), a little bit of furniture and various other things.

Eras Represented: Clothing-wise it's 1960s-1980s (mainly 1970s), with some earlier pieces. Homeware/Collectables-wise there's all sorts of stuff from Victorian to the 1980s but it's mainly 20th Century.  There's always a lot of Art Deco items too.

75 Renshaw Street
L1 2SJ

Opening Hours:
Monday-Saturday - 10.30-18.00
Sunday - 12.00-17.30

Cash/Card: Cash and Cards accepted

Tel. Number: 0151 708 8873

Email:  Intandane69a@yahoo.co.uk

British Red Cross

British Red Cross Shop Front - Source
This British Red Cross shop is on Renshaw Street and has a small vintage section, selling men's and women's vintage clothing and accessories.

Eras Represented: 1960s-1980s

Do they Sell Vintage Homeware too? A little

British Red Cross
36 Renshaw St
L1 4EF

Opening Hours:
Monday-Saturday - 9.00-17.00

Cash/Card: Cash and Cards accepted
Tel. Number: 0151 707 1074

Grand Central

Grand Central Hall - Source
Grand Central is just over the road from the British Red Cross shop. It's a huge building housing lots of different shop units selling alternative and vintage stuff as well as jewellery, crafty things, records, curios, retro gaming stuff and so on and so forth. There's even a Tarot Reader and a magic shop. Most shops are in the basement levels and ground floor and there are a couple of shops on the first floor. As they're mostly small businesses, not all shops take card payments.

I've listed some of the Vintage Shops based in Grand Central below.

Grand Central Hall
35 Renshaw Street
L1 2SF
Opening Hours:
Monday-Saturday - 10.00-17.30

Total Recall Vintage

Total Recall Vintage is also on the lower basement level. It sells both men's and women's vintage clothes and accessories.

Eras Represented: Mainly 1960s-1980s with the odd 1950s piece

Do they Sell Vintage Homeware too? No
Opening Hours:Monday-Saturday - 10.00-17.30

Cash/Card: Cash and Cards accepted

Tel. Number: 0151 707 0051

Well, I think that's everything - I hope it's of use to you. If you're the owner of one of these shops and your details are wrong (or if you're the owner of a shop and I've missed you out), let me know at penelope_cat_vintage@hotmail.co.uk

Nikki x

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Tuesday Treasure-Hunting

Sometimes I get such an epic haul from treasure-hunting that I want to do an evil laugh. Today was one of those days... MUA HA HA HA HAAAA!
Do you ever feel like that? No, just me? OK.
I took my trusty wheely-bag Dot down to the charity shops and just look what I got!

(If these photos look rushed - it's because they are. I hadn't realised how creased that sheet was either.)

1950s Maths Textbooks
I've mentioned before that I love old educational books - and how lovely are these? The lady in the charity shop told me these were same books as the ones she'd used at school.

More Vintage Maths Textbooks
The Essentials of School Algebra on the left is from 1956, Elementary Geometry is from 1942 and Higher School Revision Mathematics is from 1946.

That Fast Miss Blount and The Facemaker
That Fast Miss Blount I bought because of the name and the interesting cover. It turns out it's from 1903! I'm going to assume it's super-rare and worth millions as it's not on BookFinder. The Facemaker I picked up because of the weird 1950s cover (obviously). It's about cosmetic surgery if you didn't get that. I was flicking through it before and got all excited because I saw the word Liverpool... simple things...

Vintage Ladybird Books
I also got quite a few Ladybirds - these ones are all matte and I don't think I've had any of these ones before. I haven't dated any of them yet, but I guess late 70s and 80s.

More Vintage Ladybird Books
These ones are all matte apart from The First Day of the Holidays, which is gloss.

1980s Ladybird Books
These Ladybird books are all gloss covers and date from the 1980s. Yet more He-Man - I'm seeing a lot of him of late. I actually don't remember picking up the Teddy Ruxpin one...

Masters of the Universe and Bambi Books
Even more He-Man! The Bambi book I'm sure I had as a child. It's not in the best nick, but has lovely illustrations so I might do something crafty with them.

One of the illustrations from Bambi
See? Aren't the illustrations sweet?

Enid Blyton Books
I also got a load of Enid Blyton books. They're mostly modern, but I can't resist the illustrations on the covers and they remind me of being a kid.

More Enid Blyton Books
Even more Enid Blyton Books!
I love the colours in these illustrations!

Inky Black and Richard Scarry's Things to Know
Inky Black I bought because I remember my Nan had some of these books at her house that I used to read as a child - there are a few different characters based on blobs of colour. I remember she had Royal Blue. They were printed in the early 80s and I bought this out of sheer nostalgia and I just like Richard Scarry's illustrations.

The Shops by India Knight
I got this for A's mum as she really like's India Knight's thrifty/lifestyle books.

Can you believe that was all from one shop? Unsurprisingly, it's my favourite one!

The Forbidden Castle, Paddington at Large and The Wind in the Willows
At the next-but-one shop, I got these three books. I got The Forbidden Castle one to go with the other 'Choose your own Adventure' books I got the other week - they were in a different shop though. Paddington at Large dates from 1970 and I just loved the cover. The Wind in the Willows I also picked up for it's sweet cover and it dates from 1947.

In the next shop I also got three books:

1950s Heidi Book
How utterly lovely is this 1959 edition of Heidi? Such a darling cover! I know the story a bit but I've never actually read it. What I also love about this copy is that it has provided some info about the illustrator on the back cover:

Back Cover - Artist Pelagie Doane
Sorry it's not very clear - A is away at the moment so I'm taking all my own photos again. It should be readable if you click the picture to embiggen it. The Artist is Pelagie Doane - I'll have to look her up when I get chance.

Vintage Meteorology Textbook
I also got this fab vintage textbook from 1963 because the cover is ace.

Living in Castle Times
I got this because Usborne Books remind me of being a kid - I used to love looking for the quirky details in the illustrations.

And from the same shop I also got this:

1970s Coffee Table
Hurrah! We can replace that rubbish Ikea coffee table. I was saying to A literally just the other day that I wanted to get a vintage coffee table  instead of the Ikea one and this was £3.99! I spotted it as soon as I got in the shop and gave A a ring and sent him a photo on my phone to see if I should get it. I find it's always a good idea to check with A when buying not only items of furniture, but weird, brown items of furniture that may not appeal to everyone because sometimes it's a fine line between "So bad it's good" and "so bad it's upsetting me, get it out of the house". Luckily he liked it, so I paid up, dropped my books off at the flat and came back to pick it up and heft it up the road to our flat (I love living 2 minutes from Charity Shops for so many reasons!). It's pretty heavy with those tiles but it wasn't too bad. 

When I got in, I hoovered the whole flat and was surprised to find that our carpets aren't dust-coloured with a cat hair motif - who knew? I also tidied the bedroom, Living Room and Spare Room a little and cleaned the Kitchen (it's now so clean you could prepare a meal in it!) and Bathroom and in between made miso soup for the first time.

Miso Soup on new Coffee Table
I'm quite proud of this photo - and look the table matches our 1970s cutlery too! (More to come on vintage cutlery soon.) The soup was quite nice too and I have more to take for lunch tomorrow. I am super-domesticated... except for the ironing, I still haven't ironed. It's getting to a dangerous level.

I also managed to (finally) finish Part One of my Vintage Guide which will be posted tomorrow - it's scheduled and everything (9am). 

I feel like f*cking Wonderwoman today! Most productive day I've had in ages. (I swear like a trooper in real life by the way, but I always feel reticent to do it on the blog. I guess because posts are more considered, so it feels a bit wrong, whereas I usually swear when I'm passionate, emphatic or wound up about something.)

Hope you've had some great treasures recently and if you're thinking of Treasure-Hunting around my way in the next couple of days, I really wouldn't bother. Mua ha ha ha ha haaaaaaa! (Just kidding!)

If you've read this far, thank you and well done!

Love you, now time for bed.
Nikki x

P.S. Dot the wheely-bag looks like this. Not the cheapest, but she's so pretty and is worth her wait in treasure! Also she was the only bag that I liked  - a lot of the othere were too weirdly coloured or granny-ish.