Wednesday, 12 September 2012

A Busy Weekend Part One

Ahem, so I guess I lied about being back on Monday - sorry folks. I've spent most of the last two days doing chores and errands and was too tired to write by the evening.

Anyway, on to my weekend. I'm going to do this all out of order and post about Sunday first. On Sunday morning I mercilessly dragged a tired A out of bed to take me to Vintage Village at Stockport Market Hall (just to clarify I was buying, not selling for those of you who asked).  The fair takes place on the second Sunday of each month and each month has a different theme. This Sunday marked two years since Vintage Village started and so the theme for this month was 'Second Birthday Bash'. Previous themes have included 'The Fab Gear Fair' which celebrated all things 1960s and the 'Ossie Rules Fair', which was a tribute to Ossie Clarke and the seventies.  This is only the second time I've made it to this fair (I wrote about the first time here) as I'm usually working Sundays. It's my absolute favourite vintage fair so I was understandably excited and it didn't disappoint, although we didn't spend as much time there as I'd like as A had to go to work in the afternoon.

Stockport Market Hall - Photo by A
There are many things I love about Vintage Village, but the main thing is that it sells a lot of homeware, which comes with a healthy dose of kitsch. Homeware is woefully under-represented at Liverpool vintage fairs (in my opinion of course) and when you do find it there aren't a lot of kitschy items - you'll get the odd 70s print and that's about it. (Why is that? It drives me mad - it's as if vintage begins and ends in the wardrobe). Not so at Vintage Village and there tend to be a lot of kitschy pictures in particular, which is what I mostly end up buying. You can of course buy beautiful, tasteful items too (I spotted some lovely linens, books and ceramics for example) - but where's the fun in that?

It's also a cheap fair - not only is it a measly £1 to get in (compared to £3 or even £4 I've paid at other fairs), but all the stock is in the dirt-cheap to reasonably-priced range and not once have I sworn inwardly on discovering an item's price (you'd be surprised how often I do that).

Inside the hall - bright and bustling
Another thing I love is the friendly atmosphere and the encouraged punter participation - visitors are encouraged to tweet pictures of their hauls and the pics are put into a Visitor's Gallery on their website, so satisfying those 'Ooh I wondered who bought that' or 'What did you get?' nosey urges.

So what did I get? Kitschy pictures of course!
'Harriet' by Strev  - £7 from La Vintage Vantage
It's just so cute! It will also make a perfect counterpoint to the 'Sad Little Boy with a Sad Little Puppy' picture we have too. There were at least 3 of these at the fair in different sizes, so she was obviously a popular lass in her day. A lot of people think the Artist's name is Harriet Strev, but the print is called Harriet and the artist John Strevens just used to sign himself 'Strev'. You can read a little about him here.
What tickles me about this picture is this:
Framer's Label on back of print
The framing was done by a 'Member of the Fine Art Guild' no less, which sounds so impressive don't you think?
Next we have this beauty, which I don't think A particularly likes but I think is fab:
'Flamingo Pink' by Vernon Ward - £9 from Lace and Liquor Vintage (It's my sofa that's wonky btw)
My first Vernon Ward! I hadn't actually realised it was a Ward print until just now when I photographed it and saw his signature. I just bought it because I loved it and I thought as a fifties fanatic I should own more flamingo things :). I could happily have bought much more from Lace and Liquor Vintage too!

Finally we have this amazing picture:
Holographic Picture of Mary - £10 from Wax Delirium
Isn't it great? You can't see the 3D effect here, but it's ace. I love how she has lasers shooting from her hands and she's the perfect match for our holographic picture of the Last Supper which we got at the last Vintage Village fair we went to (again, see this post).
I also got this gorgeous little mug from trader Ooh Betty!
Pink Elephant Mug - Source
Now you may have noticed that isn't my photo. That's because thanks to Luna, my mug now looks like this:
Yup, the little bugger broke it! I didn't even get to photograph it, let alone have a cuppa in it. Grrr. Luna has a thing about bags you see - she has to get in them. Sometimes she panics and tears around the flat stuck in a bag like the rather hilarious time we woke up in the middle of the night thinking the world was ending or at least that thunder had somehow managed to come inside, only to be trampled on by Luna running across us in bed in a big paper shopping bag. She only stopped when she ran into A's leg (leaving him with a fair few scratches). This time I left the mug in a bag on the floor for a few minutes while I went to do something, next thing I know there's a rustle-y stampede noise and the sound of something breaking and Luna is bombing around the flat leaving pieces of elephant mug in her wake. There were bits of broken mug all over the flat and she's lucky she didn't end up back at the Rescue with tiny shards of pottery in her paws. A got a splintery bit in his finger and it was really sharp.
This was the biggest piece left of the mug
I'm really gutted about this and I'm now on a mission to find a replacement - so if you ever see one let me know! Definitely the naughtiest thing Luna has done so far. Git! Oh well.
Banoffee Pie Cupcake - £1.50 from Stuart Thornley Cake Design
I got a cupcake too - you pretty much have to, it's like a law of the fair. I couldn't decide which one I wanted as they all sounded so delicious, so I asked and the Banoffee Pie was recommended. It was lovely - I felt quite sorry for A though as they aren't vegan.
You also get a bonus outfit photo as I was 'papped' whilst at Vintage Village:
Me at Vintage Village - Photo by Ellie Hill Bruce. The stall to the right of the pic is Lace and Liquor Vintage  (not sure about the stock to the left) and what you can't see is A struggling with all my purchases!
Check out the rest of their pics here - there's some great stock and some stunning outfits!
So all in all, another excellent fair and I'll definitely be going to the next one on October 14th because it's fifties-themed in tribute to local legend and glamour model Sabrina Sykes.
I'm going to leave you with this vintage stunner that we both loved but unfortunately couldn't afford:
Miss Mixer - £110 from Vintage Allsorts
If you press the button, Miss Mixer wiggles and mixes your drink! It was the stallholder's first vintage fair and all the stock was from her personal collection. I wonder if anyone took Miss Mixer home.
Nikki x

P.S. Liverpool has been in the news today due to the sad findings of the Hillsborough Report. Please read Lucy's post about it here as she writes about it better than I ever could.

P.P.S. Thank you for your kind words on my last post and I find it hard to believe that any of you were ever shy doing outfit posts. I am getting better - I had my photo taken quite a few times over the weekend and managed not to run and hide. Also, I promise to catch up with all of your blogs tomorrow.


  1. Poor pink elephant mug! Cats can be such brats sometimes. Although it sounds like Luna's antics infuriating AND hilarious.
    You do look adorable in that sundress. It's so nice to see how many people where vintage to a vintage fair. It rarely happens here and I couldn't find anyone who wanted to go to a '50s party at the local veggie restaurant with me last week :( I looked through the Facebook photos and saw lots of items I wanted to buy. I'm glad you had such a good day at the fair.

  2. Oh, sorry to hear about the mug! :< I hope you'll find a replacement. But your other finds are very nice too and your outfit is very pretty !! :) Haha I laughed to that Miss Mixer, so cute :D

  3. Hello love - what a fabulous vintage fair! I absolutely love your dress, and the prints are fab - especially Mary-shooting-lasers! I have a little Mary collection myself. Such a shame about your pretty cup - but a funny story! Sarah xxx

  4. Gah, I missed it again! Looks like a fabulous event, got the date in my diary for the next one!

  5. Hello:
    How amazing all of this is, and what an architectural beauty the Stockport Market Hall is. And how we should have loved to have spent time going from stall to stall in search of that perfect vintage item. You clearly have had a great deal of fun recently and have acquired a number of excellent 'finds'.

  6. I loved hearing about the vintage fair and seeing your pics Nikki, that flamingo picture is gorgeous and so are you in your photo. So sad about the little elephant mug, I hope you find another. I love your 3D Mary pic too. My husband's uncle has one, not 3D though, but still very nice. He has rosary beads hanging from his, he's a bit religious but I think it's more for dramatic effect.

  7. Oh naughty Luna(tic)! I will keep an eye out for a replacement cup, never know what you'll find in your travels.
    I KNEW Sarah Misfit would love Laserbeam Mary! The pictures are wonderful, as is your sweet frock. You look lovely!
    I wonder if I can find a way to get out of taking the kids to their swimming lessons and come to Stockport instead, the next Sunday the fair is on...? I'd love to, it looks good. xxx

  8. OMG!! What TREASURES you found! Not to mention how bloody gorgeous you looked!!!
    I love the flamingo print,and I wish i could have Miss Mixer for G!Hilarious!!
    All your loot is fabulous, and bad BAD Luna clearly didn't like the mug....poo!
    Looks like a divine market, I SO wish I could have gone!!Right up my alley, it is!
    PS-Hurrah some sort of closure is finally happening for the families of the victims of that dreadful Hillsborough horror.Lucy's post was touching and well written.

  9. Amazing treasures!! I really want that Vernon Ward and I also have a Strevens print of my own. Such a shame about the mug! The ellies were just so adorable!! Excellent that you got papped - get used to it, I'm sure it'll happen more!

  10. Lovely things! And I DO hope that Miss Mixer lands herself in a good home soon! Pity it couldn't be yours (or mine, for that matter).

    Just discovered your blog and started following via GFC: love all your vintage sensibilities!!!


  11. I have several Strevs but know nothing about them, I've always just bought them from jumble sales for their kitchiness! You look gorgeous in your frock and I'd kill for that cocktail shaking dolly! x

  12. Looks and sounds like you have been pretty darn busy. Sorry to hear about your mug, that is such a shame because it sure was super cute!

  13. Such a shame that the mug broke; it was so cute!

    <3 Melissa

  14. Thats a stunning Ward print, I just got my first one this week too, I'll be showing it soon so look out! Wow your vintage is SOOOO cheap there, let's just say I could have bought that cocktail lady at that price and more than doubled my money, if that gives you an idea!!

  15. I'm am very very jealous of your Vernon Ward Flamingo picture. I keep scouring ebay for that exact one and never quite getting around to buying one. I have a massive swan one of his on my wall and a smaller one with deers in entitled the enchanted glade.

    Thaks for leaving a comment on my blog, definately go and make sloe gin, it is the best and so easy to make. I drink way too much of it when I make it.