Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Good News!

I've not been around much at all - I'm very sorry. This blog has been neglected and I've only managed the occasional comment on other blogs. The reason? I've been up to my eyes in Business Planning for both the Prince's Trust and a New Enterprise Allowance scheme, as well as preparing for my first Vintage Fair in March. The fair was at Vintage Village in Stockport and went rather well - I got some great feedback and I'm hoping to be there each month now.

My stall at the end of the day
I've finally finished my Business Planning now and went up before a panel on Monday to see if I could get funding from the Prince's Trust. It's a teeny bit like Dragon's Den as you have to explain how your business is viable to a panel, but there's no presentation or pitch - it's just more of a chat and they ask you questions to make sure you know your stuff basically. I was really nervous, but they thought I explained myself well and the short of it is I'm being given some funding to start up in the form of a loan and a grant!
I'm made up (as we say around here) although somehow more scared... and also I can sign off the dole now - thank God!

Ooh and my business cards arrived today - the wonderful logo (same as my blog banner) was designed by the rather talented Becky from Becky Ryan Art and Illustration who I am lucky enough to know in real life. She's a lovely lass and I heartily recommend her!

New Business Cards - Hurrah!
Aren't they fab? I'm so pleased. I must be really out of practice as I've run out of things to say - I think my brain is still recovering from all its hard work on business plans and cashflows and the like. So I'll sign off here and take the opportunity to catch up on everyone else's blogs. I've really missed the whole blogging lark!

Linking up to Ta-Dah Tuesday as I have every reason to be proud of myself!

Nikki x